Basic tips and advanced tricks: The entropy:EQ+ user guide

August 31, 2016 | Tutorial

entropy:EQ+ is a powerful sound design tool that allows for in-depth manipulation of the sound anatomy. For each frequency range, the plug-in can process harmonic and noisy parts separately. This enables transient shaping as well as the editing of musical expression in post-production.

Check out these short tutorials for the most important functions and application areas of entropy:EQ+.


This first tutorial guides you through the basic functionality of the plug-in:

Add character to drum sounds

Too harsh or too soft? Adjusts the drum track to the feel of your song:

More depth for guitar sounds

Because it is a simple singer/songwriter arrangement, this guitar has to fill up the whole instrumental space by itself. entropy:EQ+ gives you the ability to create the desired depth without losing clarity:

Workflow tips

In life, it’s often about the little things… A/B testing, saving presets, blind:flug mode are features that speed up your workflow considerably and and make it more efficient.

Improve vocals and interviews with EQ+

The EQ+ series includes next to entropy:EQ+ the plug-ins smart:EQ+ and proximity:EQ+ (all three layers are also included in frei:raum). Together, they form a strong team that for example can repair vocal and speech recordings gone bad. A few tweaks and they can air in prime time quality:


More useful answers can be found in the FAQs.
For further questions, just send a short mail to:

Have fun with entropy:EQ+!



  • added native support for Apple M1 hardware
  • various performance enhancements


  • removed PACE iLok License Manager dependency for non-iLok licenses


  • release