Basic tips and advanced tricks: The smart:EQ+ user guide

August 31, 2016 | Tutorial

We have developed smart:EQ+ to enable a faster workflow and higher precision when mixing audio. The unique smart:engineTM helps you to shape your sounds down to the last detail and to give them more clarity and punch. It is up to you to decide how much the algorithm will support you in the end.

Hold up! smart:EQ+ is not available for sale anymore but we replaced it with the even better equalizer plug-in smart:EQ 2.

Check out these short tutorials for the most important functions and application areas of smart:EQ+.


This first tutorial guides you through the basic functionality of the plug-in:

Spectral balance within seconds

smart:EQ+ compensates for spectral imbalances. The smart:engineTM analyzes the raw audio material and proposes an individual filter curve. You can weigh them “by hand” and adjust them to the audio material with the linear-phase EQ in detail.

Bring a sound to the front

The individual adjustment of the filter curve also enables inverse use. In other words, you can deliberately emphasize the characteristic frequency ranges of the sound and help it to cut through a dense mix.

Workflow tips

In life, it’s often about the little things… A/B testing, saving presets, blind:flug mode are features that speed up your workflow considerably and and make it more efficient.

Improve vocals and interviews with EQ+

The EQ+ series includes next to smart:EQ+ the plug-ins proximity:EQ+ and entropy:EQ+ (all three layers are also included in frei:raum). Together, they form a strong team that for example can repair vocal and speech recordings gone bad. A few tweaks and they can air in prime time quality:


More useful answers can be found in the FAQs.
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Have fun with smart:EQ+!