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Turning smart:EQ live into a high-resolution de-esser

FOH and music producer Toni “Meloni” Loitsch shows you how to make a special de-esser out of the latency-free, adaptive equalizer smart:EQ live.

Preparing electric guitar signals for a live mix using smart:EQ live

FOH and music producer Toni “Meloni” Loitsch (Donots, Silbermond, Nautilus Studios) shows you how he processes an electric guitar signal with smart:EQ live.

"smart:EQ 2 is a secret weapon EQ"

Matthew Weiss | Pro Audio Tools, Weiss Sound

Boundless sonic possibilities

More about smart:EQ 2

sonible at IMSTA FESTA Los Angeles

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The compact MADI converter, splitter and router. 100% bit-transparent.

The compact MADI converter, splitter and router. 100% bit-transparent.

Discover ml:mio

James Towler: “With smart:EQ live, new days are dawning for FOH engineers.”

For 21 years James Towler has been responsible for the sound quality of Steve Winwood songs such as “Higher Love” – both in the studio and on stage.

Philipp Dusse at Funkhaus Berlin: A Bastion of Good Sound

Rammstein guitarist Richard Kruspe, trance-god Paul Van Dyk and German rapper Cro have already enjoyed the one-of-a-kind room acoustics at Funkhaus Berlin.

Fancy a game? – The sonible arcade game

Here it is again. The sonible arcade game. So if you need to kill some time in the studio, you are at the right place. Have fun!

Rashad Becker: The Sophistication of Sound

With his Ambisonics Composition for 3D audio speaker IKO the Berlin based sound artist Rashad Becker captivated the audience of the ELEVATE festival 2018.

sonible at IMSTA FESTA Miami

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Cristian Vogel: “In the music business you need to have a strong driving force within you.”

Cristian Vogel has worked with Radiohead, Jamie Lidell, Maximo Park and Chicks on Speed. He now creates immersive scenographic experiences.

Comparison: Multiband Compressor, Dynamic EQ or Adaptive EQ?

One of the greatest challenges for sound engineers include handling sources that vary greatly over time or depending on their volume level.

Tim Palmer: “The song is your boss.”

The British sound engineer and music producer Tim Palmer is known for his collaboration with such greats as David Bowie, U2, Pearl Jam and Jason Mraz.

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smart:EQ live

The adaptive equalizer optimizes audio signals in real-time.

The zero latency adaptive equalizer

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