smart:EQ 3

smart:EQ 3 enhances detail, clarity and transparency in single tracks and in arrangements of up to six channels.

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smart reverb


smart:reverb delivers custom-tailored reverb by adjusting its processing to the individual characteristics of the input material.

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smart:comp product download


smart:comp is the synergy of intelligently enhanced time-domain compression and trailblazing spectral compression.

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smart:eq live

The new adaptive equalizer from sonible continuously analyses audio signals and optimizes them in real-time. smart:EQ live has your back, so you can focus on the things that really count when mixing live.

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The proximity:EQ+ plug-in lets you amplify or silence certain parts of your room acoustics – depending on your vision of the perfect sound in postproduction.

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The entropy:EQ+ simplifies the editing process for the impact noise of drums, guitars and other plucking instruments, and introduces you to a whole new world of postproduction creativity.

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Levels of unlimited possibilities – frei:raum opens up an inspiring new dimension of editing options.

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